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Lamora WIlliams

Investigative Writer: HeatherLyn Richardson

What brings a mother to the breaking point of killing her own children? Is it the stress of being a single parent, absentee spouse/partner, daily work life balance, no time for selfcare? Or is it more in depth to include an underlying mental issue. Lamora Williams, 24, was arrested on October 14th for the deaths of her two sons, Ke’Yaunte Penn (2) and Ja’Karter Williams (1). From the recount from Lamora she said her sister had been left to care for the children. She had come home to find the oven turned on the door with the 1- and 2-year-olds inside the oven. Jameel Penn Jr. (3) was unharmed who was also in the apartment at the time. On the day of the murders Lamora had called a close friend, Neesa Smith to say she couldn’t handle it anymore and her two young children were dead. Neesa had encouraged Lamora to call 911, but Lamora called her ex Jameel Penn Sr. and told him they were dead and then video called him to show him that in fact his two young children were dead. Penn Sr. and Lamora had ended their relationship earlier in 2017 but he was still active in the children’s lives as well as helping financially. During her 911 call, Lamora was concerned she would get in trouble even though she was at work. During this call she also says that her cousin was initially caring for the children and then states it was her sister who had been with the children. At the time Lamora was not sure who would have harmed her children. Investigators however believe she was to blame for the deaths. However, a DFCS report states that the 3-year-old sibling stated that one of the toddlers were sleeping on the stove and while medical services were being called the stove fell on both children. Later, an autopsy would reveal that another cause of death could not be ruled out but due the extensive heat of the oven there was sure way to tell. Lamora has a history of undiagnosed mental illness her mother (Brenda Williams) had to pull her from the school system due to her slow learning and issues with cutting and pulling doll heads off. When Lamora’s father passed away in 2014, things got progressively worse. At one point Brenda tried to gain custody of the children for fear something was going to happen to them. Brenda and Lamora’s sister believe that the state failed her and the children. Lamora’s trial was supposed to start January of 2019. There are 14 charges being pursued in this trial. However, at this time I am unable to find any other updated information as to whether or not she was convicted of all charges or just some of them. Sources: Lamora Williams' story — Why she allegedly killed her two sons - TheNetline Lamora Williams Case - Confident Informer Mother indicted on murder charges of 2 boys found with heads in oven ( Child welfare report raises questions on boys’ oven-related deaths ( Toddlers Killed: DFCS report suggest stove may have fallen on boys ( The Case of Lamora Williams - YouTube

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