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The Horrible Murder of Kar

Murder at “Glyka Nera” Attica, Greece. In the early hours of May 11, 2021, a horrific crime took place at the region of Glyka Nera, Attica Greece, with the murder of a young girl and the pet of the house, which was found hanged. The victim, Caroline Louise Crouch was 20 years old, mother of a small daughter named Lydia and married with Babis Agnostakis. At 5 p.m. in the morning the police were called from the neighbor, who reported a rubbery near its home. A few minutes later police arrive at the house and found the father Babis Agnostakis, tied up and mouth-blown to desperately seek for help from the authorities. Within the next minutes the police discover to another room, the dead Karoline lying face down on the bed and little Lydia standing near her dead body. As the policeman, who was present at the place and witnessed this inhuman and cruel spectacle, Christos Vardakis characteristically mentions: “I was collapsed emotionally and a part of my heart will remain in that room forever”, and immediately removed the child from the place. In addition to Caroline's lifeless body and the family's pet - a dog that was found hanged from the house of the crime, an abusive gesture and posture that as experts says it may indicate a kind of hatred and revenge. When the police asked Babis Agnostakis about the situation, he was at shock trying to explain them that it was a rubbery and some people attacked entering violently the house asking for money and other valuable things. He also stated that, although he pointed out the place where he himself kept the amount of 10 thousand euros, which the perpetrators eventually took, unfortunately, he did not manage to save his wife, who was strangled to death by the robbers. Something is going wrong… During the developments and ongoing research, the family was in deep mourning with the support of the whole society. All attention was focused on Babis Anagnostopoulos so that the case could be clarified, and justice could be attributed to Caroline's family. In the days that followed, the police made tremendous efforts to locate the perpetrators who killed Caroline and the pet of the house, by conducting a thorough investigation with the close cooperation of various experts and maintaining a daily contact with Caroline's husband. Further research based on Babi’s interrogation, led the investigation to discover that there were some gaps and ambiguities in his report that did