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The Horrible Murder of Kar

Murder at “Glyka Nera” Attica, Greece. In the early hours of May 11, 2021, a horrific crime took place at the region of Glyka Nera, Attica Greece, with the murder of a young girl and the pet of the house, which was found hanged. The victim, Caroline Louise Crouch was 20 years old, mother of a small daughter named Lydia and married with Babis Agnostakis. At 5 p.m. in the morning the police were called from the neighbor, who reported a rubbery near its home. A few minutes later police arrive at the house and found the father Babis Agnostakis, tied up and mouth-blown to desperately seek for help from the authorities. Within the next minutes the police discover to another room, the dead Karoline lying face down on the bed and little Lydia standing near her dead body. As the policeman, who was present at the place and witnessed this inhuman and cruel spectacle, Christos Vardakis characteristically mentions: “I was collapsed emotionally and a part of my heart will remain in that room forever”, and immediately removed the child from the place. In addition to Caroline's lifeless body and the family's pet - a dog that was found hanged from the house of the crime, an abusive gesture and posture that as experts says it may indicate a kind of hatred and revenge. When the police asked Babis Agnostakis about the situation, he was at shock trying to explain them that it was a rubbery and some people attacked entering violently the house asking for money and other valuable things. He also stated that, although he pointed out the place where he himself kept the amount of 10 thousand euros, which the perpetrators eventually took, unfortunately, he did not manage to save his wife, who was strangled to death by the robbers. Something is going wrong… During the developments and ongoing research, the family was in deep mourning with the support of the whole society. All attention was focused on Babis Anagnostopoulos so that the case could be clarified, and justice could be attributed to Caroline's family. In the days that followed, the police made tremendous efforts to locate the perpetrators who killed Caroline and the pet of the house, by conducting a thorough investigation with the close cooperation of various experts and maintaining a daily contact with Caroline's husband. Further research based on Babi’s interrogation, led the investigation to discover that there were some gaps and ambiguities in his report that did not match the evidence, nor the time report. They also realized that the robbery that Babis described was like the robbery that had happened to his instructor in the previous two or three years. All these apparently random facts made the police research suspicious and as a result 34 days after Caroline’s death, they arrested and led Babis at the police station, questioning on charges of murdering his wife, their dog, plotting the robbery and seduce police authorities. Caroline’s husband, Babis Anagnostakis is her Killer! Babis Anagnostopoulos, the husband of 20-year-old Caroline Krauts, tortured in a brutal way his wife to death. The unfortunate Caroline was attacked by her husband while she was sleeping and was unsuspected. The prosecutor, based primarily on the findings of the forensic report, but also on the detailed recordings of the victim's watch (smart watch) evidence from the investigation, notes in his conclusion that Caroline's death was torturous, as it was a severe five-minute persistent attempt by the perpetrator to suffocate her, while she was at sleep. The characteristics of the crime in Glyka Nera, according to the prosecutor, refer to a premeditated and planned crime, which was committed in a calm state of mind, while he then described the unprecedented attempt of the perpetrator to mislead the prosecuting authorities, directing robbery and accusing the robbers of murder. of his wife. Τhe prosecutor characteristically stated: "The five-minute duration of the suffocating drowning of the victim, the prior methodization to shut down the home security camera, the surprise of the unsuspecting victim, the direction of the robbery from the beginning and the premeditated attempt to deceive the prosecutors, constitutes as a strong evidence of guilt of the perpetrator, who, in addition to homicide, is referred to trial for animal murder, after he killed their family dog to strengthen the veracity of his robbery scenario”. Babis Anagnostakis, after the pressure he received and the deposition of the evidence that accused him, confessed his heinous crime. He attributed his action to a moment where he was trying to save his family, in particular his child, because as he reports Caroline was preparing to abandon him by taking their child with her. He loves his family and didn’t want to lose his wife and his child, so he killed her. Total sentence for Caroline’s husband, was life imprisonment for at least 19 years. The psychological profile created by the experts for him, describe a man who did not behave in any way after the death of his wife, did not show anger, did not show sadness, but was calm, focused and fully aware of what had happened, and that proved the punishment that was rendered to him was right and justiciable. The prosecutor's proposal will soon concern the judicial council, while the Athens Court of First Instance decided to finally assign the custody of little Lydia to the family of the unfortunate Caroline who lives in Alonissos, while the decision gives the right to contact Babis Anagnostopoulos's parents, but no right to him. Caroline’s social footprint The case of Caroline is the first shocking case of civil violence in Greece that demanded the legalization of the term Femicide in Greece, referred most specifically to the death of a woman because she is a woman. Intense attention to the issue of civil violence needs to be given, and more specifically to domestic violence, while is being increasingly concerned the last few years. The community shouldn’t just accept the expressions and motives for a homicide, to a woman for example, of the type I killed her out of jealousy, out of lust and excessive love. Instead, it is necessary to prepare a community to name, resist and fight violence in the name of gender equality based on justice of the equality.

SITE CONTENT Investigative Writer: Makis Harlfish Crime of Salamis In June 2011, a crime was committed on the island of Salamis that was to remain unsolved for almost ten years. It took place on the Island of Salamis near Athens and the victims of the case were a young couple, George Bakas, 27, and Natasha Apergi, 22. George was a non-commissioned officer in the Greek Navy and occasionally worked as a cashier at a local bar. Natasha had a child from her previous relationship and worked in local businesses to support her family. The two had been in a relationship before but had been separated for a while but lately they have been together again. According to our information, Natasha had an affair with one of the accused before she was killed. The young mother reconnected with George Bakas, a fact that infuriated, as it is said, her ex-boyfriend who threatened the Navy officer. How the murder took place That night in July 2011, two of the defendants allegedly followed the couple. On the beach of Faneromeni, George was shot ones inside his car and Natasha attempt to escape, also received a murderous attack without her body being found until today, except a pool of her blood and the bottom of her swimsuit that had been found in the forest near the beach. The perpetrators returned to the bar where they worked as if nothing had happened. According to the indictment, the whole attack was allegedly covered up by the wife of one of the accused. The people involved deny the accusation. Tsoukalis: Even relatives of the couple had started to get frustrated Private investigator George Tsoukalis, speaking on the show "Alpha Everywhere" said that the forensic laboratories in Greece are state-of-the-art and do a very serious job." The files in these cases are not closed by the Crimes Against Life Ιinterrogator and that is comforting. After many years, they are being prosecuted for a crime that most people had forgotten. Even relatives of the couple had begun to get frustrated. "It has been proven that justice will be done," he said. "It should be reminded that there was no evidence at all, from the rare cases that this happened, that is, that there was no evidence at all. The girl's body has not yet been located. "It was one of those cases where there really was nothing to 'keep' the police in the investigations," he added. worked in the same bar, where the 27-year-old was occasionally employed to supplement his income. All three face charges of serial homicide. Information in media The people involved deny the accusation. They were given a deadline to apologize to the 6th investigator in Piraeus next week. The lawyer of two of the accused, Giannis Glykas, speaking to "Fws Sto Tunnel" stressed the following: "My clients categorically deny any connection with the most serious accusations against them! The final court decision will be their acquittal " "Fws Sto Tunnel" also contacted the lawyer of the Baka family, but at this stage refused to make any statement. The same was said by the mother of the unfortunate Natasha. "I cannot say anything now. I look forward to seeing how this story unfolds after so many years. " Salamis’s crime: "Tunnel" has been investigating the case for years, looking for witnesses One of the witnesses was a friend of their slain Navy officer, who revealed that George was receiving threats. The night before his murder, he had confessed to him that some people threatened him and asked for a meeting with him. She also told him that maybe she needed his help. While he was together, his friend asked him several times who was threatening him. George refused to answer him. She would reveal it to him the next time she saw him, but she did not catch it. His friend advised him to avoid going to a secluded place and George agreed.

A MODERN MEDEA IN THE HANDS OF THE JUDICIAL AUTHORITIES Investigative Writer: Lydia Martin In Greek mythology, Medea was the daughter of an aristocratic family, known for her "deadly" magical abilities. Medea has two children with her husband Jason. One day she learns that he is going to abandon her and marry another woman. Medea in order to revenge Jason she kills not only this woman, but also her own children. The story of Medea ends with her being married with a brave Greek warrior, Achilleas and having gained her immortality forever. From the Medea of Greek mythology emerged the characterization "modern Medea" for every mother who kills her child. A strange sequence of deaths occurs in a large family in the prefecture of Peloponnese and specifically in the city of Patras, Greece. Everything starts in April 2019 when Roula Pispirigou and Manos Daskalakis, lose their first child 3.5-year-old Malena under sudden circumstances of unspecified causes, as initially estimated, while later her death was attributed to hepatic insufficiency. The child, although diagnosed with type B Leukemia, death was not relevant. In March 2020, as the mother reports, she found the baby in her crib without a pulse. Toxicological and histological examination determined that the baby's death was probably due to a rare "Sinoatrial node dysfunction”, an elliptical function and heart disease. In the spring of 2021, the eldest daughter, Georgina, 9.5 years old, was hospitalized with symptoms of respiratory failure and early-stage epileptic seizures. During her long stay in the hospital, she managed to recover but eventually a few days later ended up having encephalopathy. The need for answers: Following the facts, the interest, the anger and the unanswered questions of the family, scientific community and the authorities intensified a preliminary investigation, which launched to provide answers to the mysterious deaths. The sudden death of the first child, Malena under unknown causes, led the family to a legal escape and a lawsuit against anyone responsible, as there was a strong disagreement between the hospital and the forensic opinion about the cause of Malena’s death. The baby of the family, who left his last breath while sleeping in his crib, also dies suddenly. The forensic estimation and histological examination indicated as a possible cause of death, a very rare heart disease, strangely without the infant having shown any symptoms during his life. The death of Georgina, the eldest daughter, who after being reinstated from a heart attack she had during her hospital stay, resulted in being disabled with quadriplegia. At first her development had positive signs of improvement, until the moment where the epileptic seizures she had after her recovery began to become more intense, resulting in her hospitalization and subsequent death. Forensic investigation: After Georgina’s death, the third death on the road, which caused shock to the public and tο family that lost their children within 3 years, started a more thorough forensic investigation. They discovered then a high amount of intravenous administration of Ketamine was found in Georgina’s organism - a substance used for anesthesia. The case of the mysterious deaths of the 3 girls from Patras, was then undertaken by the Homicide Department in Athens. During the research process and investigation of the case, the authorities turned their attention to the family and led to the arrest of the mother Roula Pispirigou as the main suspect and accuser. The accusation that led to her arrest was that, at the time of Georgina's death, that crucial twenty minutes that followed her death, she was alone in the hospital room, who notified after the doctors. So, she is deemed suspect of poisoning her own child with Ketamine. More precisely, the fact that Ketamine was administered intravenously to the girl's body in a large and deadly amount, led the authorities to the immediate arrest and interrogation of Roula Pispirigou. The case of Roula Pispirigou and the death of three children is now in the hands of justice, and the prosecutor's office deemed necessary to reinvestigate the case, starting from the beginning and studying in detail the deaths of Malena and Iris based on new data. The revelation of Ketamine naturally provoked the society’s rage and anger against the family, reaching the phenomenon we now call " social cannibalism". Was justice attributed? The unspecified and paradoxical causes of death of 3 children in a very short time, and more specifically in the death of Georgina, that was found from toxicological tests the substance of Ketamine in her body, required a more specialized and personalized forensic investigation, that eventually led to the arrest of the mother, Roula Pispirigou. Considering the developments in this case, the real question is not Why, not Who did the crime, but why we know now ! Who is this woman that so easily killed her daughter by poisoning her inside of a hospital room, with the stuff being around? Did she kill only that child? Why anyone responsible and relative with the case and the family didn’t search what factors cause the death of three small children? It is important to remember that, after Malena’s death the family tried hard to find the reasons she died, without results. Malena had diagnosed with type B Leukemia and underwent chemotherapy, but she didn’t die from that. Why didn’t a genetic control follow her death? Was it a was it a medical decision, or no? The mother of the family Roula Pispirigou is remanded in custody for Malena’s death, but is it justice attributed for real? Published: May 30, 2022

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