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Why Epstein's death is bigger than you thought

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein was a registered sex offender and wealthy financier. He was charged with sex trafficking girls as young as fourteen years old and was awaiting trial for those crimes when he died. His death was ruled a suicide, but it's convenient that he committed suicide the night before he was going to implicate the big players in his sex cult.

A lot of times in sex trafficking cases it's only the pimps who are caught, not the person funding the pimp and their operations, aka "the trafficker". In Epstein's case, police caught a major player and likely could have busted a huge ring. Instead, they found him dead in his cell.

Depending on who the major players are that Epstein was affiliated with, they may never be found now. If they have enough power and/or money they can conceal themselves much easier than a pimp who works for them. Pimps are not necessarily traffickers, but they can be. Often they work for a wealthy person, man or woman, who may even be well known and respected in their community. The victims have likely never met this person or, if they did, they did not realize that this person was responsible for them being trafficked.

The Epstein case would have been huge in the fight on human trafficking. Now it has died with him. Can police find his ring? Maybe. If they can find his records, but those probably disappeared when he died.

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