The Silent Voices Project Is Growing!

Meet Our Research Training Specialist:

Dawn McDonald

Dawn resides in Mississippi and is married with three children. She is very passionate about helping others raising awareness. She is currently taking on the training to prepare her to become a Victim's Advocate in addition to her duties as a Director. Currently she has co-published a detailed booklet on everything one should know about Human Trafficking. She is a very skilled researcher and is also assisting with grants for the SVP as well.

Meet our Research Specialist:

Heather Richardson

Heather Richardson resides in Florida and is married with one child. She is a military Veteran. She has performed military police work and is very knowledgeable about law enforcement. She is a skilled researcher and an asset to the SVP. She helps with the execution of events planned by the SVP and also does detailed research into missing persons and cold cases.

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